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S1 2016 — A tale of awesomeness and fulfillment.

Hi there, haaaave you met Miguel?

You probably haven’t seen me around in weareredlight’s Medium posts so far. But I’ll introduce myself right away. I’m one of the three founders of RedLight. People see me as a CEO but here we avoid boasting titles. I just happen to occupy myself about more non-tech things than the usual RedLight engineer.

OK, so what am I doing here you ask?

The guys here at RedLight challenged me to write this mid-year medium post so: thy will be done!

What The Hack? — A Wrap Up.

A week has now elapsed since the second edition of Festival.

Now that we managed our lack of sleep throughout the week, we’re able to provide our fellow followers with a wrap up of that amazing weekend. ⛵

TL;DR: We loved every minute of it and What The Hack was simply great. 👌

When first approached RedLight and JeKnowledge with an idea for an hackathon to be held in Festival, we didn’t know which direction we should take. Couple meetings here, checking domain availability on NameCheap there, and a few days later What The Hack? was born.


At RedLight, we soon realized that instead of providing solely the typical vacation time at our company, we knew that we could all be a lot happier if we did something meaningful together.

That’s why company retreats exist (and do work). And that’s why last year we’ve been to Bejár, Spain for a whole week in the first RedLight On Tour, codenamed #RLSOnTour1. Last October we divided our time between Porto and the north of Portugal for some wine-related vacations, aka #RLSOnTour2.

This time, #RLSOnTour3, we wanted to step up the game a little bit. And the whole RedLight team, now totalling 12 incredible persons, flew from Lisbon to Amsterdam, Netherlands for some 5 awesome days.